985. How To Write Copy That Sells with Writing Coach Kelsey Formost

Businesses that prioritize copywriting see 300% more conversions than businesses that don't, and today’s guest is here to help us really hone in on that writing process. Kelsey Formost is a writing expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs write copy in a way that feels authentic and immediately captures the attention of their target audience. 

We discuss how to develop the voice of your brand and create consistent messaging that’s tailored to different mediums like email, socials, and live conversations. She shares simple copywriting tools you can implement right now, and we also touch on trends in the influencer marketing space. 

Kelsey has so much wisdom when it comes to writing and marketing, so you don’t want to miss this strategic conversation!



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(0:49) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Kelsey Formost. 

(4:10) Lori asks Kelsey, “When did you first see that trend and realize words are really important?”

(8:43) Lori asks Kelsey, “What are some of the things to do when people are first trying to get their personal brand or product out there?”

(9:54) Lori asks Kelsey, “What are some of the first steps that you do with somebody who clearly needs to dial it in?”

(14:16) Lori asks Kelsey, “For the people who have so much copy everywhere and are over-explaining, how do we help them realize that less is way more?”

(23:08) Lori shouts out the sponsor of today’s show, Soul CBD. 

(26:40) Lori asks Kelsey, “How does it show up in an email? How does it show up on social? How does it show up in conversation?”

(33:43) Lori asks Kelsey, “Obviously, we want people to buy our product. How can we get them to do that?” 

(39:11) Lori asks Kelsey, “I'm so curious on how personal brands are going to be using influencers? How are you seeing this? How do we do it? How do we engage?”

(45:47) Lori asks Kelsey, “Any last words that you want to have people walk away with that are coming up for you?”

(47:05) Lori asks Kelsey, “How can we get your freebie that you just mentioned or be able to work with you?”