1031. Recent Lessons We’ve Learned That Will Help You Build Your Dreams

We’re only four months into this year and we’ve already learned so much about optimizing our time and getting clear on different business goals. In this episode, we share what’s currently lighting us up and fast-tracking our progress. We also talk about the main takeaways from the latest Roundtable Strategy Session and discuss exciting updates on Chris’s peer-to-peer lending app, Lite Pink, and upcoming events. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:21) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

(1:38) Lori asks Chris, “What have you been doing that you feel has been fast tracking you on your own business and development?”

(7:22) Lori asks Chris, “What was the best piece of advice that came out of that roundtable room?”

(12:13) Chris asks Lori, “What’s going on in your life?”

(18:09) Lori breaks down what she’s going to be covering in her upcoming workshop.  

(24:34) Text WORKSHOP to 310-496-8363 to learn more about the workshop.