1096. How To Prioritize Your Well-Being with mindbodygreen’s Colleen Wachob

If you want to unlock the secrets of an extraordinary life, Colleen Wachob is your ultimate guide. She is the co-founder and CEO of mindbodygreen and co-author (with her husband Jason) of the new book, The Joy of Well-being, a treasure trove of wisdom with insights into living a life filled with wellness and joy. Colleen joins me today to discuss finding your true purpose, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle (physically, mentally, financially), and growing alongside a community. 

Our chat primarily focuses on connection and how nurturing your human connections and cultivating community will actually extend your life expectancy. We talk about how to cut out toxic relationships, focus on what brings you joy, and connect with like-minded people. Plus, we touch on her incredible new book and how it's a roadmap for those seeking a life that resonates with their unique definition of well-being. Listen in because, trust me, Colleen is someone you want to learn from! 



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(2:39) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(4:43) Lori asks Colleen, “What was your life like growing up?” 

(7:09) Lori asks Colleen,  “What were some of the things that spurred this passion for health from those years in Fortune 500 companies, etc?”

(10:33) Lori asks Colleen, “What were you mentally feeling at this time?” 

(11:55) Lori asks Colleen, “What does purpose mean to you now, and what does that look like in your life?

(15:21) Lori asks Colleen, “How much of wellness do you think connection with others has to do with it?”

(19:00) Lori asks Colleen, “What is something you recommend to start these relationships that really do help us stay even more healthy?” 

(22:24) Lori asks Colleen, “What are the main themes from your book that go into well-being?” 

(25:27) Lori asks Colleen, “When you say living for something greater, how do you start expanding that? How do you start defining that? What does that look like?” 

(30:42) Lori asks Colleen, “What are the big factors we need to look at?” 

(34:41) Lori asks Colleen, “What is something that you wish more people would ask themselves or you wish more people knew about?”

(36:56) Lori asks Colleen, “What is being revealed to you right now, and how is it revealing itself?”

(39:50) Lori asks Colleen, “Is there anything else you want to touch on that’s super important?” 

(42:27) Lori asks Colleen, “What does it look like to start creating a connection with something bigger than you?”

(43:28) Lori asks Colleen, “Who is this book for? Who should be reading this book?”

(45:18) Lori asks Colleen, “What is your best health and business advice?”