903. Our Biggest Lessons From Italy

We’ve finally had some time to really reflect about our vacation to the Amalfi Coast and want to share some of our biggest takeaways from the trip. Our friend Rob Murgatroyd curated so many beautiful experiences as part of his Work Hard Play Hard Mastermind and we were able to really soak up the Italian culture, art, food, and fashion. We talk about getting clarity on how we’re going to balance the joy and production containers of our lives, and our commitment to making time for new, enriching experiences in our week. 

We learned about the Italian saying “Dolce Far Niente,” which means the sweetness of doing nothing, observing beauty, and enjoying life in the moment. Chris and I want to take time to be more present in our everyday lives and worry less about things that we don’t have control over. This trip proved to us that a vacation doesn't have to be just a moment in time一we can extend this sense of peace and wonder into our everyday lives. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:34 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 0:49 ) Lori asks Chris, “What do you think made it the best vacation?” 

( 1:08 ) Chris explains how creating a 2-day buffer between getting home and starting work again made a huge difference. 

( 2:49 ) Chris reflects on ways that Italians value the balance of function and form. 

( 3:29 ) Lori notes that Italians often appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake, and that’s something she wants to implement into her life. 

( 6:04 ) Chris says, “I came back with so much clarity on how important it is for me to work space into our busy days.”

( 7:17 ) Lori explains the Italian phrase “Dolce Far Niente.”

( 9:20 ) Chris says, “Another takeaway I took back was how much more of the arts and how much more experience I want in my life without sacrificing any of the sprints.”

( 13:05 ) Lori says, “For me, travel is about perspective.”

( 15:10 ) Lori says, “My ultimate biggest takeaway is about the meaning that we are applying to things or that we need to be applying more of to things.”

( 20:09 ) Lori says, “When you start enriching your life with other things and looking for other meaning around you, that’s when you realize there are infinite details about life that you can talk about.”

( 20:39 ) Chris talks about his experience with buying custom shirts in Italy. 

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