1093. How To Reach $1 Billion In Sales With Veena Jetti

In this episode, Veena Jetti, an incredible multifamily investor and founder of Vive Funds, joins me to dive into real estate investment, personal growth, and inclusion. Veena has just surpassed $1 billion in transactions, primarily due to her dedication to both professional success and emotional well-being. She is a featured speaker at the upcoming Girlfriends and Business event, and today, Veena shares her insights on achieving a work-life balance, overcoming imposter syndrome, and navigating emotional labor.

Veena is a huge advocate for diversity and inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated fields. Drawing from her experience as a woman of color in the finance world, she explores the importance of diverse voices in decision-making and its positive impact on companies. We touch on time management techniques, finding the right support systems, and cultivating a mindset that propels growth and success. Listen in if you're ready to take charge of your career, personal life, and impact on the world!



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(0:32) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(5:51) Lori asks Veena, “Do you still get imposter syndrome?” 

(8:57) Lori asks Veena, “What did you do? Who did you have in your life? How did you support yourself around that imposter syndrome conversation that was probably going on?” 

(11:27) Lori asks Veena, “What are some things now that you do when you are going into new territory?

(13:14) Lori asks Veena, “How do you balance motherhood and work?” 

(23:48) Lori asks Veena, “Any other balancing home and work hacks that you've found?”

(24:38) Lori asks Veena, “Do you schedule family time into your calendar? Is that something plan out?” 

(27:23) Lori asks Veena, “What does emotional labor mean?”

(38:09) Lori asks Veena, “ Let's talk about diversity and inclusivity.”