Staying On Track During The Holidays

My 5 Tips to Help You STAY on Track This Year!

The Holidays can be a difficult time to stay on track. But they are supposed to be FUN!

So, how do we stay on track during the holidays?

1: Allow yourself to have fun!

Its ok to go to the parties and enjoy yourself. But yes, it can get overwhelming and turn into more of a hassle for some of them. So just say NO to the parties that you don't want to go to. NO is OK!

2: Focus on Socializing

Don't just stand by the food table…my favorite spot. Move around the room and socialize. Talk to others and be interested in them and also tell them what you've been up to this year.

3: Plan ahead your activities (and food if you need to)

If you know there isn't going to be healthy foods at a certain party, bring your own plate to pass so that you know has healthy food on it that you can eat. Plan your workouts in advance as best as possible. Do you have to get up early, maybe sign up for a class, find the local gym if you're traveling, and INVITE OTHERS!

4: Plan workouts with friends and family

This helps ensure that you get it in, but it also helps spark some of the others who may not be as active.

5: Take Time for yourself and your rituals

This can be very tough when you're thrown out of your routine. Do your best to take your time, whenever you can, to do the rituals that help you feel good.

Most importantly, during this time, remember to breath and give yourself some space to enjoy the holidays.

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