Happy New Year Busy People!

How are you feeling after the Holidays? Ok, so can I  just be real for a second?  I was feeling pretty fluffy,  unmotivated and even a little blue for a while!  I know that even though I tried REALLY hard to keep the Holidays healthy, I still had my fill of countless bites of goodies…  I can’t lie.  I stuck mainly to veggies and “Busy Girl” recipes, yet somehow the “other” food still snuck it’s way into my mouth.  The dreaded slow calorie creep had begun.  I always think it won’t happen if I just have a few bites and a couple glasses of wine at each party, and maybe, just maybe, my body has become some sort of roaring furnace that burns calories at the mere sight of a pound cake!  Ha!  Keep dreamin’ sister!  The weight never seems to appear until the end of December….and it ALWAYS does!

You see, my husband and I both have birthdays in December and we also travel to go see our families.  The festivities never seem to end and I know most all of you can relate.  I did really good on making healthier choices while still making sure to really enjoy my company and indulge just a tad, but nothing I couldn’t  ”clean up” in a weeks time…  That is, until the last week or so…  I came down with a stomach bug and then found myself craving comfort food, and for me that is carbs.  I don’t want to see anything healthy while I’m sick!  Instead give me a carb, drizzled in carbs and make sure it’s processed for Pete’s sake!  Once this happens I know I need to start praying that I find some kind of iron-will to get  thru!  Well, didn’t find it… and here I am feeling puffy once again!

So why on earth am I disclosing this deep dark secret of the Busy Girl who is supposed to always be “photoshoot” ready?  Duh! Because I have lost my marbles!  No, not really, it’s because I want you all to see that EVERYONE struggles!  EVERYONE I TELL YOU!  Most people do it alone and in the privacy of their own home.  YUCK!  Don’t do this!  This is a one way ticket to Sweatpants-ville!  You can never leave there without leaving a piece of your soul behind!

Here is the deal,  I know a little “puff” is not the end of the world because I know what to do!  Slow and steady healthy CHOICES always win over any other plan or “quick fix.”  I know that I am ok because I have a plan in place to get back to feeling like me again!

Today I woke and had my oatmeal and berries.  I knew my husband wanted to go to the gym, and I knew that I did NOT want to go to the gym!  But, I also knew if  I didn’t go, it was one more day further from feeling great again, and  one day closer to slipping out of anything that resembles motivation and zest for anything in life.  That thought immediately made me get my gym clothes on.  Even though I did not have a “Rocky” workout, I still felt great and it totally changed my attitude and set me up to make my next smart choice.

When we were finished at the gym I totally had that weekend feeling.  You know, the one where you loosen up on your discipline and let yourself get away with a little more than usual.  Knowing better I told myself how unhappy I would feel the next day and that I wanted to wake up tomorrow and get the most out of life, instead of waking up crabby and wearing pants that cut into my sides.  So I skipped the meal that would bring me 30 minutes of temporary pleasure (if that, have you seen me eat?).  DOUBLE WIN!

So I will leave you with this.  Tonight I sit and write this after just a couple days of making the tough choices, and I feel happy, excited and motivated again.  Recognize when you are slipping, get to the gym, clean up your food, and if you need to talk to someone, DO IT!  No one is judging you because we are all feeling the same!  Stop beating yourself up and just CHOOSE to get out of the cycle and treat yourself right.  Every single moment is a choice waiting to happen.  Make enough good ones, and all of sudden you have finally achieved your goal and you feel unstoppable!

You never realize how important your health is until you no longer have it.  Do it for you and the people who love you!  You become a better everything when you love yourself, and that starts with being healthy and happy!  You are not alone Busy Girls!  We are in this together!

Love and health to you and your families in 2011,