The Next Day…After a Holiday Party or Night Out

Have you ever partied a little too much…? No? Just me then…

Ok, it's the Day After…that holiday party, Christmas party, birthdays, work gathering, etc! And you did some serious work on the food and drinks last night. Now what??

Ok, first, just breath…

Stop freaking out about that bad stuff you consumed. This is SO NORMAL! It's ok to have some fun!

Try these steps to help you recover the next day:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Drink a ton of water
  • Make a plan to move your body! Walk, move, something to get you moving.
  • Read, listen to a podcast (like maybe that awesome Earn Your Happy Podcast everyone is talking about), or watch an uplifting movie to lighten your mood and lift you up.

Remember, it's ok to have some fun. So relax, it's the things that you do most of the time, the consistency that will help you win!


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