One Thing You Can Do To Drastically Change Your Life

…And You Can Do It RIGHT NOW!

I get this question fairly often: “What is one thing I can do RIGHT NOW to change my life the most?” Well, you need to “up-level” your daily thoughts. We want to get you into the mode of “like attracts like”. But how do you get there?

First, start your positive thoughts with an easy, progressive process during your day. Start with just small things that you are grateful for, then some things that you are excited for. Guide your thoughts to positive things. And if you find yourself starting to go backward or your thoughts get sidetracked; first recognize it, reel in the crazy, and re-focus to a mindful place and guide it to the next best thought. Which will, then, attract more good thoughts.

Your theme today should be to do whatever you can do to feel MORE JOY than you are feeling in that current moment. Even if you're feeling on a joy-high, try to feel even a little more joy. And then take notice of the positive, good things that start to flow into your life.

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