997. Get Back In The Driver’s Seat Of Your Business Finances with Founder of Fitnancial Solutions Shannon Weinstein

Business metrics used to freak me out, but thankfully I’ve discovered some approachable ways to gain insight into that valuable information. I’m joined by Shannon Weinstein, founder of Fitnancial Solutions, which is an accounting, tax strategy, and coaching firm for entrepreneurs who want more perspective and less paperwork when it comes to their finances. 

In our conversation, we break down what a fractional CFO is and how they can help business owners turn data into decisions. Shannon shares her advice for anyone who feels overwhelmed and disempowered with their finances, particularly for newer entrepreneurs. She also covers what’s included in her Business Financial Quickstarter course and an amazing offer she has for all the Earn Your Happy listeners!



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(0:20) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Shannon Weinstein. 

(3:30) Lori asks Shannon, “Why don't we start by telling everybody exactly what it is that you do?”

(3:59) Lori asks Shannon, “Can you explain what a fractional CFO is?”

(6:07) Lori asks Shannon, “When should we hire a fractional CFO and why is hiring someone so powerful at the beginning?”

(10:16) Lori asks Shannon, “What does that even look like for a business to work with someone like you?” 

(12:31) Lori asks Shannon, “Can you tell me what it all looks like when you're first getting set up?”

(17:44) Lori asks Shannon, “Let's break another myth: all you need is a tax person once a year.”

(19:22) Lori asks Shannon, “What is the difference between CPAs and accountants?”

(20:34) Lori asks Shannon, “Do you feel like within the first year accountants can save you money or help you make more money?”

(21:53) Lori asks Shannon, “Let’s talk about one more myth: you can afford to wait until you're making money to lay the financial pieces in place.”

(24:51) Lori asks Shannon, “Let's talk about maybe someone's past beliefs and how we can bust those around having a financial expert in your life.”

(28:42) Lori asks Shannon, “What do we need to do in order to truly have our arms around our business if we are freaked out by it?”

(33:27) Lori asks Shannon, “What's some advice that you could give someone newer in business that might help them save money or look at something that they wouldn't think of looking at that could really help them?”

(36:03) Lori asks Shannon, “Do you have any exercises that help people feel balanced and not obsess over numbers?”

(40:53)  Lori asks Shannon, “Let's talk a little bit about the course.”

(43:10) Lori asks Shannon, “Why did you create the course?”

(47:17) Shannon announces that she’s offering $50 off her course when listeners go to keepwhatyouearn.com/lori and use code LORI. 

(49:50) Lori asks Shannon, “Can you just give us a minute rundown of how you got to where you are right now with the podcast?”

(51:30) Lori asks Shannon, “Where do we go if we want to listen?”

(52:11) Lori asks Shannon, “Where can we get your Business Financial Quickstarter?”

(53:15) Lori asks Shannon, “What’s your Instagram?”