939. Tricks For Overcoming Public Speaking And Scary Goals!

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I am back in my home in Arizona and I am so excited because I am one day away from speaking on one of my best friend’s stages: Powerhouse Women. Lindsey Schwartz puts on this event every single year, and this year is the biggest event that she has done yet, which makes me feel a little nervous about how many people I will be talking to when I am on stage.

I have my stage tricks up my sleeve that have always helped me, and in today’s episode, I want to share them with you. I’ve been to a lot of different coached speaking events, and I’ve had speaking coaching myself, and I’ve practiced, I’ve made myself go and do it and get the experience and now I want to share that wisdom learned with you.

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:49) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. It’s time for another quickie because there’s always time to fit in inspiration.

(0:55) Lori says, “I am so excited because I am one day away from speaking on one of my best friend’s stages, Powerhouse Women, with Lindsey Schwartz”.

(3;22) Lori says, “Getting up there to stand in front of people and share your truth and share your heart — that’s not easy”.

(6:11) Lori shares her theory on nerves.

(7:30) Lori’s first tip for public speaking: “Before you do anything, you’re going to want to feel pretty prepared”.

(9:54) Lori’s second tip for public speaking: “Once I am up there, I allow myself to catch my breath”.

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