859. My New Weekly “Building A Business” Series

I’ve been wanting a place where I can bring you along on the journey of building Lite Pink, so we’re adding another weekly episode to the show to talk about all things launching a product-based business! My Chief of Staff Lauren will be joining me to discuss what we’re currently working through, wins and challenges of the week, and everything else in between. To kick off this series, we talk about the ‘why’ behind Lite Pink, how this podcast has helped me build my dreams, and what we’re learning about working with different teams. Listen in to hear more behind-the-scenes of Lite Pink. 


Connect with Lori


Connect with Lauren


Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:25 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:19 ) Lauren joins the conversation. 

( 5:39 ) Lauren asks Lori what made her start Lite Pink. 

( 9:04 ) Lori says that when things get hard, she thinks of the 54 female investors that believe in her. 

( 10:47 ) Lauren talks about what made her excited to work with Lori. 

( 13:16 ) Lori says that her podcast has been one of the most powerful things for her. 

( 16:59 ) Lauren emphasizes the importance of creating an equal energy exchange with investors. 

( 19:58 ) Lauren and Lori discuss why they only work with people who align with the business. 

( 22:01 ) Lori asks Lauren what she’s learned about managing different teams. 

(  23:52 ) Lori breaks down what ‘overlapping’ means with teams. 

( 27:44 ) Lori talks about why it’s crucial to have flexibility in contracts. 

( 32:07 ) Lori wraps up the episode.