What are you letting get in the way?

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I know we always have female guest bloggers, but I thought it would be nice to have a guest “man's mind” weigh in a topic that we all can relate to!  I asked Nick Harder, my brother-in-law, expert coach and fitness trainer, whose clientele ranges from Dr's, actors and musicians, if he could touch on a subject that really affects him and his clients on a personal level.  I hope you can get a few tips on how to truly get what you want out of your day and life!  If you are in the L.A area be sure to email him and take advantage of his bootcamps or hikes!  This former track star and motivational fitness coach will definitely inspire you to GO HARDER!  Make sure you check out his website and Facebook page:

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A lot of people speak about what they want in life but are they being truthful to you or themselves?  If you truly want something, then you will go after it, right?  Go thru the motions to get it?  We’ll see…

It’s simple.  If you truly want something, you need to set everything else that gets in the way, aside, even your feelings.  Now, I don’t mean ignore your day to day responsibilities or not care about other important parts of your life.  What I mean is, if you truly have a desire for something, start going through the motions and steps to get the ball rolling and get what you desire.

First, I’ll break it down to something simple that we do each and every day.  “I want to have clean teeth.”  Ok, great!  Now what does that take?  Nothing, I just brush them right?  Wrong!  Yes, that is a step in the process of attaining clean teeth, but that’s not all.  Ok, stay with me here.  First, you wake up and DECIDE that you are going to brush your teeth.  You move the covers out of your way, TAKE ACTION and swing your legs out of bed, stand up and walk to the bathroom.  Then, you TELL YOURSELF to reach up, open the cabinet door because it stands in the way of your brush.  You grab the brush, toothpaste, open the cap, squeeze the tube, turn on the faucet, wet the brush, open your mouth and brush your teeth.  Success!  I’ll skip all the remaining steps here because I think you understand.  However, that DOES NOT mean you can skip ANY steps before or after while you are actually going through the process.  “Duh, of course not Nick, that’s a no brainer.”  Is it?  Lets look at what skipping a step or two might just do, because some of us think there are short cuts in life.  What if you wanted clean teeth but never decided to brush them?  Or if you just didn’t feel like walking to the bathroom that morning?  Or you looked in the mirror and said “Hmm, good enough, I’ll skip this time.”  Or told yourself, “the cabinet door is in the way, I can’t possibly move that.”  Maybe you are doing really well so far; you’ve got the brush, the paste, it’s wet, “I’m doing so great, I am going to skip opening my mouth to save time!”  Well, now you have just smeared toothpaste all over your face, making EVEN MORE work for yourself, and you still haven’t brushed your teeth.  Ok, I get this example is a little silly and extreme but if we skipped any of those important steps, no matter how small, just because we didn’t’ feel like it or didn’t want to, the end result would be the same.  We wouldn’t have clean teeth.

Don’t’ let your feelings, emotions, or a little discomfort get in the way of what you ultimately want.

If you truly want a new car, take the actions to get what you want.  Figure out what you can afford, start searching, pay the price that it is worth, and drive home.  Done, new car.  Don’t say, “no, I don’t feel like searching” but then look in your garage and complain to everyone that the new car hasn’t just shown up yet.  HINT – It NEVER WILL.

If you want to loose weight and get in shape, that’s awesome!  Eat healthy, go to the gym, exercise, repeat until desired results are achieved.  Don’t do it all once and give up saying it didn’t work.  Don’t say, “but I don’t like salads and broccoli, I am going to have this one pound burger and fries instead.”  NO PUT IT DOWN!  “I am to tired to go to the gym, I don’t feel like working out.”  TO BAD, WAKE UP, JUST GO.

It doesn’t matter if these are your feelings folks.  We all feel this way once and awhile.  I am sorry to say this, but, so what?  Get over it.  Be an adult and take action.  If those are the things that need to happen in order to get what you TRULY WANT, you just do them.  You can’t NOT go through the motions and steps and then complain that you aren’t getting what you want.  Go after what you truly want.  Put in the work, no matter how it makes you feel.  The results will be 100 times better than the little discomfort that you may have felt short term.

What do you TRULY want?

~Nick Harder


Picture:  Nick feeding the elephants on his recent trip to Thailand