832. What Does Success Look Like For You This Year?

On today’s episode, I share how I organized and created goals for my health, friendships, marriage, routine, and business this year. I share ideas for how to stay accountable and adjust goals as you make progress. I also explain the importance of starting small and not making drastic, unsustainable changes. So get your notepad ready because I’m walking you through how to set yourself up for success in 2022! 




Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:27 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:33 ) Lori shares about the new Lite Pink newsletter, The Spritz. 

( 3:38 ) What does success look like for you this year?

( 5:41 ) Lori shares her exercise and recovery goals for this year. 

( 7:33 ) Lori explains how she’s lowering her alcohol consumption. 

( 8:45 ) Lori talks about how she’s making quality time with her friends a priority this year. 

( 10:41 ) Lori and Lindsey Schwartz made a goal to post on Instagram once a day this year. 

( 11:37 ) Lori gives details on her morning routine. 

( 14:32 ) Lori shares her goals for expanding the Lite Pink TikTok account. 

( 15:37 ) Lori talks about the importance of taking yourself out and enjoying your own company. 

( 16:27 ) Lori advises to not make drastic changes and instead make little tweaks to what you’re already doing. 

( 17:13 ) Share your goals with Lori on Instagram, @loriharder