893. What You Need To Start EXECUTING On Your Goals

My friend and incredible entrepreneur Kim Perell coined the term ‘the execution factor' and it’s a concept that I’ve been coming back to a lot lately. I’ve realized that the reason why so many of us don’t execute on our desires and purpose is because we're not clear on what we actually want. We have too many things on our plate and we haven't learned how to set up our schedule  and make time for the actions that actually move the needle. When I’m feeling stuck, I ask myself what is one thing I could do right now that would start to give me a sense of purpose and make me feel like I’m moving forward? In today’s episode, I share my accountability game plan and how I tune back into my goals when I’m feeling out of alignment. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:40 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today’s episode is about the execution factor. 

( 3:36 ) Lori poses questions that listeners can ask themselves when they’re feeling stuck. 

( 5:58 ) Lori shouts out today’s sponsor, Avast. 

( 8:12 ) Lori says that when she’s feeling overwhelmed, she looks at her schedule and blocks off an hour to make sure that she’s doing one needle-moving action that day. 

( 9:45 ) Lori says, “I need deadlines and I need people to hold me accountable.”

( 11:19 ) Lori lists different areas of life where people can make small, but mighty differences. 

( 13:09 ) Lori says, “The things that make you feel really good and make you stronger are probably going to put you out of alignment somewhere in your life.”

( 14:25 ) Lori asks listeners to leave a 5-star review.