892. The Power of Social Media & Why We Chose To Be Direct To Consumer

One of the biggest questions that I get asked is why we chose the direct-to-consumer (DTC) route instead of getting on the shelves of major retailers. In today’s episode, Lauren and I talk about the benefits of being DTC, how we collect data and insights about our customer base, and how we’ve harnessed the power of social media to build the Lite Pink brand before we even launch. Being able to connect to our followers and build relationships in the DMs has been an invaluable tool, especially with all the delays we’re facing. We discuss how to convert social media comments into sales and create a community of people who truly align with your brand. We also share our major takeaways from working in new and uncertain environments. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:32 ) Welcome back to another Earn Your Happy BTS of Building a Business episode.

( 1:37 ) Lori announces that they have officially signed with their co-packer. 

( 3:42 ) Lori asks Lauren, “What are some of the big takeaways, or one big takeaway that it's taught you working in so much uncertainty?”

( 8:02 ) Lori says, “Social media is where you are going to create who you are. This is where you're going to put your brand out into the world and create its identity.”

( 9:08 ) Lori describes the process of getting a product into retail space. 

( 13:43 ) Lauren says, “Even if you do want to go into retail, I think you should always have that direct consumer arm as well to understand who your people are, so you can create what they actually want.”

( 14:53 ) Lori says, “We underestimate the power of the DMs.”

( 16:20 ) Lori says, “The DMs are going to be your most powerful place for sales.”

( 19:29 ) Lauren highlights how to convert DMs into customers. 

( 21:34 ) Lori asks, “How do you want to reward and acknowledge those people who are already organically sharing your product?”

( 23:59 ) Lauren says, “Become an obsession-worthy brand, whether it's the product or service or just the message you're putting out there.”

( 25:38 ) Text LITE PINK to 310-496-8363 with your questions or topics for future episodes.