871. Where To Hunt For More Energy 

A lot of people say that time is the most valuable commodity, but I actually think that energy is more important. If you’ve been feeling like the days are dragging and you’re totally depleted, I have some areas of your life where you can evaluate how you’re using your energy. I talk about the difference between people who are sprinters vs. marathoners when it comes to getting work done, why I think it’s important to reminage what ‘9-to-5’ looks like for you, and how to make sure you’re working in your zone of genius. Listen in for some simple ways to replenish your energy and get back on track!



Checking in with your sleep routine, food choices, and alcohol consumption My game plan for when I’m feeling lethargic  Taking advantage of when you feel most energized and focused during the day  Checking off the value-adding tasks instead of distracting yourself with little details  Letting go of the worry and fear about other people’s opinions about you



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