912. Why I Will Never Go All-In On One Income Stream

Lauren and I are celebrating a huge business milestone and reflecting on the crazy process of redesigning my personal website and the Lite Pink website. We discuss what we learned about ourselves when we were up against tight deadlines and share how we stayed focused when it felt like there were a million things going on at once. 

We also chat about a question that a listener sent in about how I phased out previous businesses before launching Lite Pink. After what Chris and I went through in the ‘08/’09 recession, I will always preach having multiple streams of income and getting your bank account to a place that feels good before going all-in on your big dream. I share some creative ways that I’ve been able to do that and also give advice about monetizing your online influence.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:32 ) Welcome back to another BTS of Building a Business episode on Earn Your Happy! 

( 0:45 ) Lori asks Lauren, “What is up? How are you?”

( 2:24 ) Lori asks Lauren, “I feel like you thrive under deadlines. How did you feel?”

( 7:58 ) Lauren reads the listener question for today’s episode. “How did you navigate phasing out of previous businesses as you launched Lite Pink, both financially and mentally?”

( 10:34 ) Lori says, “I think that you should get your income to a place that feels good for you before you go all in on that life project or that thing that you want to do.”

( 12:03 ) Lori says, “I will never be all in on one thing, I will always have multiple streams of income because the world is changing way too fast right now.”

( 15:13 ) Listeners can Text LITE PINK to 310-496-8363 with their questions or topic suggestions for future episodes.