911. 4 Reasons Your Business Is Stuck!

Chris and I were coaching separate groups recently, and when we came together to talk about how the sessions went, we realized a lot of entrepreneurs are facing four similar challenges. We’ve noticed that many business owners are up against an audience problem, they’re not providing value to their audience, their content is stale, or they’re comparing their chapter one effort to someone else’s chapter nine results. It’s so powerful to hear the truth and bring some self awareness around what’s really holding you back, and we hope that this conversation can shine a light on how you can reach your true potential. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:26 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy. Chris and Lori are talking about the four reasons your business might be stuck on today’s episode. 

( 1:51 ) Chris says, “Number one, you have an audience problem.”

( 4:35 ) Lori says, “Number two is you are not giving equal value for the value that you want out of your audience.”

( 8:16 ) Lori says the third reason is, “What you are putting out there is boring or not interesting.”

( 10:29 ) Chris says, “The fourth reason why your business might be stuck is that you are comparing your chapter one effort to somebody else's chapter nine results.”

( 14:21 ) Listeners can learn more about Chris and Lori’s new course at joinbeonline.com