945. Why Living An Honest Life Is Crucial For Calling In Abundance

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When you start living authentically in every aspect of your life, you’ll magnetize the right people and opportunities into your orbit. This isn’t always an easy and graceful process, but I promise that it’s worth it. When I look back on times when I was feeling stuck and insecure, it’s because I wasn’t allowing my true self to be seen. I share some examples of how I’ve worked through self-doubt, found safety in my authentic self, and experienced amazing rewards for living my truth. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:28 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:42 ) Lori says, “Today, I want to chat with you about authenticity, and really trying to show up every day as being your real self.”

( 3:10 ) Lori talks about finding circles that she felt safe to be herself in. 

( 4:49 ) Lori says, “I have struggled on social media to show my real authentic personality and who I am and what my actual thoughts and beliefs are because it’s such a short snippet of life.”

( 5:56 ) Lori says, “What ends up happening, though, is you end up speaking so much more clearly and directly to the people that you want, and then things start to shift.”

( 7:10 ) Lori says, “No matter what, sooner or later, you will get caught being yourself.”

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