942. Best Exercises For Asking The Right Questions

I always say that I’m a graduate of “Google University” because instead of giving up when I don’t know something, I put it right into my search bar and go down the rabbit hole. Everytime we tell ourselves that we can’t do something or don’t have the resources, that’s the exact moment when we strip ourselves of our power. In today’s episode, I share my favorite exercise for formulating questions and discovering answers. I promise that when you start to feel confident in your ability to get inquisitive and figure stuff out, that’s when success starts to compound.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:23 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

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( 2:18 ) Lori says, “Knowing how to deal with not knowing is what will make you successful.”

( 3:43 ) Lori says, “I am the queen of Google searching everything. And sometimes we have to ask Google 20 different ways to get the answer we're actually looking for.”

( 5:13 ) Lori says, “A lot of times, the next first step is not the clear answer, but it's the first step of getting clarity.”

( 5:46 ) Lori says, “Success starts to compound when you can trust yourself to figure it out.”