943. How To Take Your Big Idea To 6 Figures

I’m joined by one of my favorite humans in the world, Lindsey Schwartz! She recently hosted her epic annual Powerhouse Women event and has an amazing offer to keep the momentum going. We dig into what she’s covering in her free three-part training called Monetize Your Big Idea, which is the perfect set up for her Six Figure School mentorship program. We touch on the biggest things that successful business owners do that set them apart, and the fastest way to level up your business. Plus, Chris and I have an exciting offer for anyone who is signs up for Six Figure School一check out the link below! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:54 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Lindsey Schwartz. 

( 3:01 ) Lindsey joins the conversation. 

( 5:29 ) Lori asks Lindsey, “Tell me a little bit about the free training that you are offering.”

( 8:48 ) Lori asks Lindsey, “You talk about a few things that people are doing differently in their business who are successful compared to those who aren't, can you take us down a couple of those?”

( 11:57 ) Lori thanks Indeed for sponsoring the show. 

( 13:37 ) Lori asks Lindsey, “Let's just say after the training if we decide to get into Six Figure School, I want to know about that community once you have people in there.”

( 19:07 ) Lori asks Lindsey, “Maybe someone's like,  I'm gonna show up to the free training. I'm gonna get what I need from that. But I don't have the money to commit to Six Figures School right now. What would you say around that?”

( 21:55 ) Lori shouts out Babbel for sponsoring today’s episode. 

( 23:58 ) Lori announces that she and Chris are offering free access to the Be Online course for anyone who signs up for the Six Figure School at powerhouselori.com.  

( 28:32  ) Lori asks Lindsey, “What happens if they get into Six Figure School? What do they all get there?”

( 30:22 ) Lori asks Lindsey, “Give us the last scoop on exactly how we can sign up.”