Best Practices For Training Your Focus

I’m in such a busy season right now and can’t afford to be distracted. I’ve had to become a lot more regimented and thoughtful about the time that I spend on my phone because I’ve noticed that checking a text turns into responding to DMs and scrolling TikTok, which is such a bad habit to get into. Where are you causing yourself more stress and selling your dream by taking yourself out of the zone? Listen in to hear how I’m working on collapsing and expanding time lately. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:31 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:46 ) Today’s episode is about collapsing and expanding time. 

( 4:19 ) Lori shouts out today’s sponsor, Soul CBD. 

( 6:37 ) Lori talks about how she’s been feeling distracted by her phone lately. 

( 8:26 ) Lori notes that there's been an huge improvement in her distracted phone use since she hired a social media manager. 

( 9:53 ) Lori lists the added benefits she feels from being more focused, including having more energy and feeling happier about her decisions.