1054. Breaking Into ‘Saturated’ Markets With Bassima Mroue

There’s nothing that inspires me more than hearing a female founder’s story and getting real with them about their entrepreneurial journey. Bassima Mroue, co-founder and CEO of SkinTē, joins me on this episode to talk all about how she and her two co-founders launched the first-ever collagen sparkling tea and continue to make waves in the beverage industry with their products. 

Bassima shares the initial vision and strategy behind SkinTē and how she navigated the unexpected pivots along the way. We also get into the reality of raising capital as a woman and how she learned to fall in love with the challenges. Plus, she gives advice to anyone who is facing self-doubt or contemplating quitting, something I know I’m going to be replaying again and again when I need a reminder to keep going.



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(0:25) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Bassima Mroue. 

(5:45) Lori asks Bassima, “Tell me about your business. What is it and why did this start?”

(9:58) Lori asks Bassima, “How did you scale into 6,500 stores?”

(12:00) Lori asks Bassima, “Did vendors get your idea right away or did you have to convince them?”

(13:27) Lori asks Bassima, “Did you always plan to be in grocery stores from the beginning?”

(16:54) Lori asks Bassima, “What are you really good at? And did you know it before you started this business?”

(17:29) Lori asks Bassima, “Did you raise money in the beginning?”

(20:38) Lori asks Bassima, “Let’s talk about raising money.”

(29:29) Lori asks Bassima, “For people who don’t want to get into business because they think they’re too sensitive, where would you tell them to focus?”

(32:33) Lori asks Bassima, “What is something that you have learned about yourself that has surprised you through building this business?”

(34:25) Lori asks Bassima, “How would you describe your relationship with challenge?”

(37:59) Lori asks Bassima, “What would you go back and say to your past self about why she has to continue on with the dream, even if it fails?”

(43:43) Lori asks Bassima, “Let's say this had failed three years ago or two years ago. Do you think you'd be doing something again already?” 

(49:52) Lori asks Bassima, “Is there anything that you want to leave anyone with that came up for you?”

(51:38) Lori asks Bassima, “Where can we buy SkinTē?”