Episode 60: Monetize YOURSELF with Nicole Walters

Monetize Thyself™ with Nicole Walters is a transformative lifestyle brand offering online training courses, consulting, mentorship, networking and a full suite of resources to help everyday people, brands and leaders realize their full potential.

nicole waltersNicole Walters is a Baltimore, MD transplant and Washington, D.C. native. She relocated the Baltimore area while attending The Johns Hopkins University and studying Political Science. Soon after, she entered the corporate world of Business Development and Marketing.

Nicole has worked as a client-facing business executive for Fortune 500 companies in both sales and marketing for over 10 years. In her previous role with an S&P international healthcare organization, she managed business relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations and independently facilitated pitching, prospecting, and client relationship management in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Nicole brings her expertise in monetizing multi-billion dollar corporations to you – everyone from stay at home parents to small business owners can access her affordable and entertaining webinars and private monetization coaching.
Using her trademarked Pitch & Pray™ method, Nicole will help you embrace the #monetizethyself™ mindset, and realize your brand’s fiscal goals.

In just 11 months, Nicole has built herself a 7-figure business, as she tells us “Miracles happen and God is good!”

As the daughter of two hard working immigrants, in inner-city DC, Nicole’s upbringing didn't always come with the mindset of “it’s always going to work,” that was something she had to teach herself. Her mother was a secretary and her father was a taxi driver.

“One thing they did instill was keeping positivity, staying focused and that your income does not determine your outcome.”

Flashing forward, Nicole jumped into entrepreneurship in a way I had yet to hear, up until now… This powerhouse lady quit her job via Periscope with thousands of people watching her live! She knew where her passion lie and she wasn’t about to give up the opportunity to jump for it.

But the idea of being bigger and better had to start somewhere. She shares some of her pivotal childhood memories, riding in the front seat of the cab, with her Dad.

“He pointed out a tall building and told me “You can have your name on the side of one, or you can get stuck cleaning one. The only difference is up to you.”

You can hear in her voice, the confidence and self-love that she streams, enough to have led her into her dream and 7-figure salary life.

“I just knew I couldn't live paycheck to paycheck.”

Looking to become your own entrepreneur but scared to take the initial leap?! Let Nicole’s inspiring story lead you to your dream life.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Hard work
  • Following your dreams
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Perseverance
  • Using your resources
  • Business building


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