908. How To Start Something New With Less Risk

What do you feel like is totally out of reach for you, and why? Maybe it’s hosting an event, launching a product, or adding on another service to your line up, but regardless of what arena you’re in, my number one piece of advice is to start small and scale from there. Lauren and I share examples of what it looks like to fine tune your idea and make it small enough so that you can get it off the ground. We discuss the importance of tapping into your message, audience, and marketing, and finding a through line that lets you show up as your authentic self in everything that you do. Plus, we recap what’s been going on with Lite Pink and our lives outside of work recently! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:26 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:44 ) Lori asks Lauren, “I know that you've had some issues with your cat that's been super challenging and distracting. How do you compartmentalize that?”

( 5:50 ) Lori says, “We're gonna talk about starting something new with a lower risk or a lower barrier of entry.”

( 10:18 ) Lauren says, “Start smaller, and test it out and see what actually works before you go really big to make it even more successful.”

( 13:19 ) Lori talks about what white labeling is. 

( 15:05 ) Lauren talks about the events that she did with barre3 and other local businesses. 

( 16:35 ) Lori emphasizes the importance of honing in on your messaging, audience, and marketing. 

( 20:29 ) Listeners can text LITE PINK to 310-496-8363 with their questions or topics that they want Lauren and Lori to cover in future episodes.