937. How to Breakthrough The Barrier Of Uncertainty

Today I am so excited to welcome my friend, Patrice Washington, back on the show. Patrice was named one of the 12 Most Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development in Success Magazine in 2020. Patrice continues to be consistently recognized for her expertise by national media as an award-winning intuitive author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach and conscious media personality. She is committed to teaching a holistic approach to life, while redefining the term wealth back to its original meaning of ‘well-being’. Patrice got her start as America's Money Maven and is widely known for her personal finance expertise.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(2;13) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy, today Lori is joined by Patrice Washington.

(4:13) Patrice joins the conversation.

(5:40) Lori asks Patrice, “Have you always used your voice? Have you always been so damn eloquent? Did you practice that in the mirror when you were young? Or how the hell does that happen?”

(9:04) Lori asks Patrice, “What did you have to learn to accept, forgive or deal with when you would use your voice?”

(15;06) Lori asks Patrice, “I'd love to hear a couple of moments for you that made you more authentic and made you so rooted in who you are?”

(24;30) Lori asks Patrice, “Tell me who ‘Command the Stage’ is for and why did you start it?”

(28:18) Lori asks Patrice, “When you were putting this program together, who were you thinking about?”

(34:04) Lori asks Patrice, “How can we enroll?”

(35:29) Lori asks listeners to follow Patrice on social media and share thoughts on the episode.