882. How To Get Started With NFTs With Lisa Mayer

If you’ve listened to any of our recent He Said, She Said episodes, then you know that Chris and I are super into NFTs and investing in the Web3 space. There’s so much buzz around this next stage of the internet that I wanted to invite one of the leading women in cryptocurrency onto the show to break down the basics of NFTs. Lisa Mayer is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, a women-led global initiative that creates opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaborations. We discuss what NFTs are, how to get started, and what to consider when investing in one. Lisa also shares her top security tips and how to get involved with Boss Beauties mentorship.


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About Lisa:

Lisa Mayer is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and Founder & CEO of My Social Canvas and Boss Beauties. Born and raised in CT on a small family farm, it was there where she first learned about entrepreneurship and the value of hard work.

After working for edtech startups early on in her career, Lisa left the Silicon Valley scene to pursue her passion to help elevate young women through mentorship and social entrepreneurship. In 2012, with this vision she created My Social Canvas.

Lisa’s mission to equip young women with mentorship programs has impacted thousands of high school and college-aged girls all over the world spanning across 15 countries and over 400 educational institutions. Her work has been featured in Forbes, ELLE, on Bloomberg Live, and through Women@Apple a division of Apple’s Diversity Network Association.

In 2021, after spending 10 years helping to educate the next-gen of women and girls, Lisa launched Boss Beauties. The company is an extension of the same passion and goals she has championed for over a decade. 

The company’s first initiative tackled the male dominated NFT space and is one of the few female led NFT projects to date. 

Boss Beauties’ first NFT collection of 10,000 unique digital portraits capturing independent and diverse women sold out in its first hour becoming the first ever NFT collection to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, and Olympian Allyson Felix are among some of the celebrities who own pieces. In addition, Boss Beauties was also featured on the Nasdaq Tower for International Day of the Girl. 

A portion of proceeds from NFT sales go back to supporting their work mentoring young women worldwide. 

Lisa continues to fight to improve the lives of future generations of women through mentorship activations and collaborations such as Rolling Stone, Neiman Marcus, Hugo Boss, Mattel and more to be announced in 2022. 

Lisa currently resides in NYC with her husband and Boss Beauties Co-Founder Anthony and their son Hudson.


Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 0:55 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:03 ) Lori gives some background on today’s guest, Lisa Mayer. 

( 4:07 ) Lisa joins the conversation. 

( 5:41 ) Lori asks Lisa to tell listeners about Boss Beauties. 

( 8:25 ) Lori asks Lisa, “What is an NFT? What does that stand for? And then what is web three?”

( 10:50 ) Lori asks Lisa, “​​What did that look like when you were watching the event?”

( 11:27 ) Lori talks about one of today’s sponsors, Indeed. 

( 14:01 ) Lori asks Lisa, “What is something that you wanted [Boss Beauties] to be when it started? And what is something that surprised you that you think it's going to become?”

( 15:23 ) Lori asks Lisa, “What did you do? Who was involved? What were the main modalities that you launched?”

( 17:26 ) Lori asks Lisa, “Do you think that NFTs are here to stay, and why?”

( 19:29 ) Lori talks about another sponsor of today’s episode, Jenni Kayne. 

( 21:29 ) Lori asks Lisa, “How do I know where to look? What should I look for? What makes me think that this particular project of NFTs is going to be around for a while? Do I look at the founders or do I look at what I can do with it?”

( 25:19 ) Lori asks Lisa, “What do we need? What should we consider?”

( 29:30 ) Lori asks Lisa what kind of financial investment people can expect when they buy NFTs. 

( 30:33 ) Lori asks Lisa, “For people who are like, Oh, this is a new project, should I just jump in? Or is this something that's just going to be hot because this person is attached? What is your theory on that when you're looking at new projects personally?”

( 31:47 ) Lori asks Lisa, “How do they start making money?”

( 34:53 ) Lori asks Lisa, “Where do we start? How do I know if I'm a good candidate? What do you even do? How do you get connected to an artist? Are there people that run these projects? What do you need to do?”

( 36:51 ) Lori asks Lisa, “​​What's the question that you wish more people asked you about NFTs?”

( 37:55 ) Lori asks Lisa, “Do we need to purchase an NFT? Is there a place to apply for that portion of it? What does that look like?”

( 38:34 ) Lori asks Lisa, “Can you tell me some of the things that you guys want to start doing for the people who are NFT holders in the future?”

( 41:27 ) Listeners can learn more at bossbeauties.com. Lori asks listeners to tag @bossbeautiesnft, @lisamayer, and @earnyourhappy on Instagram and share their biggest takeaway.