955. Expanding Your Brand Vision With GOLDSHEEP Founder

I’m joined by Keri Wilson, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Goldsheep, a vibrant, one-of-a-kind athleisure brand that I’ve been obsessed with since it launched. Keri and I talk about the Goldsheep origin story and how her vision for the brand has evolved. We get into the challenges that she’s faced with building out systems and delegating tasks in order to scale, and Keri gets super candid about how she’s learned to not be the bottleneck in her business. We also discuss the consequences of not working within your zone of genius and how to recognize when it’s time to pivot. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:41 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Lori is joined by Keri Wilson on today’s episode. 

( 5:50 ) Lori asks Keri, “You're a regular staple in most workout girls' lives. What does that freaking feel like?”

( 8:50 ) Lori asks Keri about how she got her products out to fitness influencers and celebrities when she was first starting out. 

( 14:57 ) Lori asks Keri, “When did you know that you were really on to something?”

( 18:35 ) Lori asks Keri, “I want to know about what the expansion was like.”

( 21:19 ) Lori asks Keri, “Are you saying you're finding that the company is kind of getting bottlenecked?” 

( 23:36 ) Lori shouts out today’s sponsor, Babbel. 

( 25:36 ) Lori asks Keri, “Are there ways to differentiate pivoting versus working through parts that are hard?”

( 29:01 ) Lori asks Keri, “What zone of genius will you be working in in this future picture of what you desire?”

( 31:12 ) Lori asks Keri, “Was their resistance around going to this retreat?”

( 35:42 ) Lori asks Keri, “How will you feel when you get off of this podcast?”

( 37:22 ) Lori asks Keri, “What do you want people to know right now?”

( 41:33 ) Lori asks Keri, “Any last words that are on your heart?”