820. Accepting Uncertainty And How To Process It

Accept the burden of processing uncertainty. I read this quote from The Messy Middle recently and realized that this is what 2021 was all about for me. We need contrast in order to experience the great blessings that our higher power has in store for us. Today, I’m talking about how to tap into yourself and process the trials and tribulations of life. I also share how to proactively work through uncertainty and create support systems that help lift you up and realize your blessings. 




Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:50 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:53 ) Lori shares the quote, “Accept the burden of processing uncertainty.”

( 4:15 ) Lori talks about the book, The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky.

( 5:28 ) Lori says, “With much blessing, we know comes much responsibility.

( 6:24 ) Lori talks about moving from Upper Michigan to California.

( 8:28 ) Lori thanks her sponsor, Butcher Box.

( 11:09 ) Lori says, “I want you to remember that without that contrast, we could not experience the greatness.”

( 13:04 ) Lori says, “In order to process uncertainty, you need to believe in something bigger than you.”

( 14:23 ) Lori talks about how taking care of yourself signals to your higher power that you’re ready to receive blessings. 

( 16:32 ) Lori thanks listeners for supporting the podcast.