978. How To Get More Done Faster

One of the most effective life hacks that I’ve discovered is this thing called Parkinson’s Law, which says, “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” In other words, if you give yourself a month to do something, you’ll take every single day of that month to get it done. But, if you give yourself a week to do that same task, guess what? It will only take you seven days to finish it. 

I’m really in this season of kicking myself into high gear and maximizing every minute that I schedule in for work. Where can you compress your time and get more done on a faster timeline?

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:28) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is talking about how to get more done faster. 

(2:00) Lori breaks down the concept of Parkinson’s Law. 

(3:33) Lori says, “The more consistently you show up, the more ideas are gonna flow.” 

(4:52) Lori asks listeners, “Where is somewhere that you're giving yourself too much time?”

(6:27) Lori shares examples of what Parkinson’s Law looks like in practice.  

(7:59) Lori stresses the importance of being present in your downtime and pushing in your busy seasons.