823. This Is Your Invitation To Release The BS

Today, I’m sharing a few questions and mindset roadblocks that I want to leave behind in 2021. I talk about letting go of people’s opinions and misconceptions of me, and also reevaluating where I’m unfairly holding on to expectations of people in my life. Reflecting on these questions has given me greater access to my power and is helping me create healthy boundaries. Listen in to hear more about how I’m ringing in the new year with a clear mind and open heart. 




Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:22 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:18 ) Lori introduces the topic of today’s episode: Questions and things that I want to leave in 2021. 

( 3:35 ) Lori says, “One of the things that I want to leave behind is worrying about people's opinions.”

( 5:06 ) Lori talks about sponsor Indeed. 

( 8:14 ) Lori says, “I can meet in the middle and figure out how showing up for me can be good in a way of showing up for them as well.” 

( 9:38 ) Lori talks about sponsor Liquid IV. 

( 11:25 ) Lori talks about letting go of the expectations we have for our family members. 

( 12:32 ) Lori explains how our expectations of people hold our relationships back. 

( 13:40 ) Lori signs off the episode by thanking people for listening.